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Below are curated lists of ERI staff's media mentions, interviews, quotables, and op-eds. 

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Featured Op-Eds: 2022

The business case for closing the ‘climate gap’
Fast Company, October 2022
By Manuel Pastor

Op-Ed: Racial divides in Los Angeles politics are wrong morally and pragmatically
Los Angeles Times, October 2022
By Pedro Noguera and Manuel Pastor

Driving the Future? Green Justice and the Lithium Valley
Nonprofit Quarterly, September 2022
By Chris Benner and Manuel Pastor

Op-ed: California can't take immigrants for granted 
Orange County Register, May 2022 
By Thai V. Le and Manuel Pastor

Op-Ed: Can we fix environmental injustice if we don’t take race into account?
Los Angeles Times, March 2022
By Alvaro Sanchez and Manuel Pastor

ERI media coverage and interviews from 2022

listed in reverse chronological order
Selected coverage from July 2022 - to present
Selected coverage from January to June 2022


Featured Op-Eds from 2021

Counterpoint: On rent control, calmly weigh benefits as well as costs
MN Star Tribune, October 2021
By Edward G. Goetz and Manuel Pastor

Why did so few Latinos identify themselves as white in the 2020 census?
Los Angeles Times, September 2021
By Manuel Pastor and Pierrette Hondagneu Sotelo

Carbon neutral isn't good enough. California needs to be carbon negative by 2030.
San Francisco Chronicle, July 2021
By Daniel Kammen and Manuel Pastor

Is the Chauvin conviction just a moment, or the start of lasting change?
Westlaw, July 2021
By Manuel Pastor

California needs to establish an Office of Racial Equity
Capitol Weekly, June 2021
By Angela Glover Blackwell and Manuel Pastor

Pro-recall forces seek to cancel California’s progress
Capitol Weekly, May 2021
By Irene Kao and Manuel Pastor 

After COVID-19, Here's how we can make sure everyone can heal
California Health Report
By Manuel Pastor

The Business Case for Vaccine Equity
Triple Pundit, March 2021
By Manuel Pastor 

Advice for health and racial equity advocates: get back to the grassroots 
The Hill, February 2021
By Jennifer Ito and Manuel Pastor

California Has Lessons for Liberals
Dissent Magazine, February 2021
By Manuel Pastor




Selected ERI media coverage and interviews - 2021


Featured podcast appearance: Solidarity Economics


In this episode, we learn about solidarity economics with members of SCoRE (Solidarity Council on Racial Equity). Author Heather McGhee talks with Maria about her cross-country journey challenging zero-sum game ideas that progress for some must come at the expense of others. Then, sociology professor Manuel Pastor discusses models for a more inclusive economy designed so that we can all prosper together.






ABC 7 News - State of Immigrants in LA County, June 2021

VIDEO: Nomiki live - 1/7/21 - Manuel Pastor + Rep. Rabb, Judd Legum

January 7, 2021

Professor Pastor talks about movement politics meeting electoral politics in Georgia, and the years of grassroots organizing efforts behind the wins on the Nomiki live show.

Video starts at 17:00 mark


Selected Media Coverage, Op-Eds, and Interviews


2020 Op-eds


2020 Interviews, Coverage, and Mentions



Additional ERI mentions on the elections and California propositions from Fall 2020

Rising Up with Sonali: The Pandemic is Devastating Latino Communities

The Pandemic is Devastating Latino Communities

Rising Up with Sonali interview with Dr. Manuel Pastor
August 28, 2020

ABC7 News: June 2020 Live Interview

More multimedia


Will the Coronavirus Lead to a Recession? w/ Economist Manuel Pastor | The Skyy John Show

Skyy John Podcast, March 2020

Recorded just days before California went into lockdown, Skyy John interviewed Prof. Manuel Pastor about America's economic conditions and the potential impacts of COVID-19 on our economy.





Why We Need Solidarity Economics

Institute for New Economic Thinking, April 2020

"Economists have gone to great lengths to write humans out of economics, pushing self-interest and generally providing two choices—faith in markets or the state. INET grantee and University of Southern California Sociologist Manuel Pastor argues that we need to change the conversation and put people first. His research shows that rebuilding the bonds between people universally leads to better outcomes for health, society, and the environment."




Trump v California (Part 1) | People and Power

Al Jazeera English, July 2020

"The state of California's progressive stance on issues from climate change to immigration has long epitomized liberal opposition to President Donald Trump. He in turn portrays those values as a betrayal of the US heartland and his supporters in the Republican Party So what does this bitter ideological battle reveal about the choices facing Americans in the coming presidential election? Earlier this year, for a special two-part report, People & Power's Bob Abeshouse went to find out."




Media Coverage as PERE and CSII on COVID-19 (early 2020)

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