The Korean Studies (KRNS) minor is intended for students who are interested in the political, economic, social and cultural changes of the area, and draws upon courses from departments across the social sciences, humanities, and professional schools.

Lower Division

One course from the following (4 units)
EASC 150g East Asia Societies
HIST 105g The Korean Past

Upper Division

Four courses on Korean (16 units) from the course list.*

*Only courses with a Korea-based focus will count. Please consult with EASC advisor, Kaitlin Lam.

Total: 20 units

Academic Advising

To learn more about the East Asian Area Studies major or to schedule an advising appointment, please email our undergraduate advisor: Kaitlin Lam (

EAAS Minor

A minor in East Asian Area Studies (EAAS) is a great complementary focus for students in professional schools or liberal arts. Students who have minored in EAAS have majored in a range of disciplines, including economics, religion, business, neuroscience, and public policy.

EAAS Major

The East Asian Area Studies (EAAS) major offers an interdisciplinary approach to learning about East Asia, combining language study with history, social sciences and the humanities. EAAS is a complementary double major; students have successfully combined their study of East Asia with majors in biology, business, communication, film, international relations, and more.