The East Asian Area Studies (EAAS) major offers an interdisciplinary approach to learning about East Asia, combining language study with history, social sciences and the humanities. EAAS majors are encouraged to learn about East Asia in East Asia. In addition to Overseas Studies semester and year-long study abroad opportunities, EASC offers the Global East Asia Maymester programs in China or Japan for students of all majors.

Lower Division

Language: Up to level 4 of Chinese, Japanese or Korean language proficiency
EASC 150: East Asian Societies (4 units)
1 additional 100 or 200-level East Asian area studies course pre-approved by the EAAS advisor (4 units)

Upper Division

7 courses on East Asia (28 units) from the course list

  • One course from the Department of History
  • Courses on at least two East Asian countries: China, Japan or Korea
  • Courses in at least 3 different departments/schools

Total: 36 units + Language

EAAS Recommended 4-year Course Plan: Before Fall 2015
EAAS Recommended 4-year Course Plan: Fall 2015 and Later

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Academic Advising

To learn more about the East Asian Area Studies major or to schedule an advising appointment, please email our undergraduate advisor: Kaitlin Lam (

EAAS Honors Program

EAAS majors have the opportunity to apply to and participate in the EAAS Honors Program. Students conduct an independent research project under the guidance of an EASC faculty member during their junior and/or senior year. The program is ideal for students who intend to pursue graduate education or want additional experience conducting original research.

EAAS Minor

A minor in East Asian Area Studies is a great complementary focus for students in professional schools or liberal arts. Students who have minored in EAAS have majored in a range of disciplines, including economics, religion, business, neuroscience, and public policy.