Undergraduate Program

Learning Objectives

Success in the 21st century will depend on many factors in addition to one’s choice of a profession. A decision to major in East Asian Languages and Cultures can be one of the keys to that success, helping you to move knowledgeably in a global environment that is increasingly shaped by the cultures and economies of China, Japan and Korea.  What will you gain by successfully majoring in East Asian Languages and Cultures? You will acquire a set of skills that can serve you in a variety of professional and academic careers spanning the worlds of business, entertainment, public service, and the professions of medicine, law, and teaching, among others. These skills include competency in one of three languages (Chinese, Japanese and Korean) and critical tools to help you interpret and analyze literature, film, and other forms of culture and media in both contemporary and traditional East Asian societies. The major provides a foundation of practical knowledge and cultural literacy that can be an asset in a variety of careers and settings where knowledge of China, Japan, or Korea is essential.

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