EALC Honors Track

Students interested in pursuing EALC’s honors track should begin planning for this by the start of the fourth or fifth semester. This means that before your senior year, you will have already taken an EALC course in which you have written a substantial research paper, and done an in-depth analysis of a topic of your choice.


  • 3.33 overall GPA
  • 3.5 GPA or better in EALC coursework
  • Completion of two upper-level courses (400+) before starting on thesis, including one course requiring a seminar paper
  • Have the support of at least one EALC faculty with whom you have done coursework
  • Submission of an application form to EALC’s undergraduate faculty adviser

Required for Departmental Honors:

  • Maintain GPA requirements stated above
  • Complete EALC 494ab Undergraduate Honors Thesis

Students wishing to know more about EALC’s Honors Track should first contact EALC’s Undergraduate Student Advisor: Jessica Kanoski at jkanoski@usc.edu