The Department of East Asian Languages and Cultures offers a minor for undergraduate students who wish to pursue a future career in the greater China region or communities requiring advanced Chinese linguistic and cultural competence. The minor provides opportunities for students to gain real world experiences in work environments and explore career opportunities from various perspectives.

Four EALC upper-division courses (16 units) and 4 units of EALC 366 Chinese Professional Internship are required to complete the minor. The four upper-division courses must include at least two from EALC 404 , EALC 406 , EALC 407 , EALC 412a , EALC 412b, or the equivalent. Course alternatives can be approved by the faculty advisor for the minor.

Lower-Division Language Requirement:

EALC 104   Chinese I
EALC 106   Chinese II
EALC 204   Chinese III
EALC 206   Chinese IV

Upper-Division Requirement (20 units):

Internship Requirement (4 units):

EALC 366   Chinese Professional Internship: Communication and Culture   2 units
Combined classroom discussion and supervised internship at companies. Practical experience in applying communication and cultural knowledge in a professional, “real world” employment context. Prerequisite: EALC 206 (Chinese 4)

Choose TWO of the following (8 units):

EALC 304  Advanced Modern Chinese I  4 units
EALC 306  Advanced Modern Chinese II  4 units
EALC 334  Chinese Language Through Films and Television  4 units
EALC 336  Chinese Language Through Films and Television II  4 units
EALC 350g  Chinese Civilization  4 units
EALC 355  Studies in Chinese Thought  4 units
EALC 374  Language and Society in East Asia  4 units
EALC 470  Introduction to East Asian Linguistics  4 units

Choose TWO of the following (8 units):

EALC 404  Advanced Modern Chinese III  4 units
EALC 406  Advanced Modern Chinese IV  4 units
EALC 407  News and Web Chinese  4 units
EALC 412A  Business Chinese  4 units
EALC 412B  Business Chinese  4 units


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