The core requirements for the EALC minor allow students flexibility in designing their own course of study. Minors typically select one language and cultural area (Chinese, Japanese, or Korean) in which they do most of their course work. For this reason, one frequently hears students on campus speaking about “minoring” in Japanese, Chinese, or Korean, though strictly speaking all these students are actually minoring in EALC. Minors are encouraged to explore beyond their individual language focus by enrolling in the full range of EALC courses available in literature, film, history, media, and other aspects of East Asian cultures.

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Cross-Cultural Survey (One 4-unit course is strongly recommended)

Cross-cultural survey courses offer
students a broad, interregional
introduction to East Asian
philosophy, literature, film, art, and
culture. Many also fulfill GE

• EALC 110gp: East Asian Humanities
• EALC 125g: Introduction to Contemporary East Asian Film
and Culture
• EALC 130gp: East Asian Ethical Thought
• EALC 150gw: Global Chinese Cinema and Cultural Studies
• EALC 255gw: Southeast Asian Literature and Film
• EALC 266: Science Fiction in East Asia

Core Requirements (4 units + Language Requirement)

Cultural Studies
(One 4-unit course)
Cultural studies gateway
courses provide students
with an in-depth
introduction to a cultural
tradition within its
regional context.

• EALC 324: Contemporary
• EALC 340: Japanese
• EALC 342: Japanese
Literature and Culture
• EALC 344: Korean Culture
from Ancient to Modern

• EALC 350: Chinese
• EALC 382: Art and Cultural
Heritage in East Asia

Language Requirement (Two years or four semesters of one language)

Minors must complete four
semesters (two years) of one
East Asian language or
equivalent through diagnostic

• EALC 104: Chinese I

• EALC 106: Chinese II

•EALC 204: Chinese III

•EALC 206: Chinese IV

•EALC 115: Korean I •

•EALC 117: Korean II

• EALC 215: Korean III

• EALC 217: Korean IV

• EALC 120: Japanese I

• EALC 122: Japanese II

• EALC 220: Japanese III

• EALC 222: Japanese IV


Upper-Division Electives (3 Courses/12 Units)

Cultural Studies Electives (4 units [minimum] – 12 units)

300-400-level cultural studies courses not listed here (including cross- listed courses and those taught by EALC-affiliated faculty) may fulfill this requirement with the approval of the EALC Director of Undergraduate Studies.

• EALC 324: Contemporary China (if not taken as gateway requirement)

• EALC 333: Introduction to Korean Cinema

• EALC 340: Japanese Civilization (if not taken as gateway requirement)

• EALC 342: Japanese Literature and Culture (if not taken as gateway requirement)

• EALC 344: Korean Culture from Ancient to Modern Times (if not taken as gateway requirement)

• EALC 350: Chinese Civilization (if not taken as gateway requirement)

• EALC 358: Transnational Chinese Literature and Culture

• EALC 374: Language and Society in East Asia

• EALC 375: Women and Gender in China: Past and Present

• EALC 380: Cultural Topics in East Asian Literature

• EALC 385: Myth, Folklore, and Fantasy in Japanese Literature and Film

• EALC 400: Classical Chinese I

• EALC 402: Classical Chinese II

• EALC 426: Classical Japanese

• EALC 428: Nature and Ecological Imagination in Japanese Literature

• EALC 430: Gender and Sexuality in Korean Literature and Film

• EALC 435: Ethnic Identity and Minority Politics in China

• EALC 438: The Tale of Genji and Its Worlds • EALC 450: Contemporary Japanese Literature and Global Modernity

• EALC 452: Chinese Fiction

• EALC 455: Japanese Fiction

• EALC 465: Topics in Korean Visual and Cultural Studies

• EALC 470: Introduction to East Asian Linguistics

• EALC 475: Topics in Chinese Photography

• EALC 485: Material Cultures of the Silk Road

• EALC 489: The Mongol Era in China

• EALC 499: Special Topics



Language Electives (0 units [minimum] – 8 units [maximum])

Up to two third- or fourth- year language courses (8 units max) may be used to satisfy 8 units of required Upper-Division Electives.

• EALC 304: Advanced Modern Chinese I

• EALC 306: Advanced Modern Chinese II

• EALC 315: Advanced Korean I

• EALC 317: Advanced Korean II

• EALC 320: Advanced Japanese I

• EALC 322: Advanced Japanese II

• EALC 404: Advanced Modern Chinese III

• EALC 406: Advanced Modern Chinese IV

• EALC 407: News and Web Chinese

• EALC 412a/b: Business Chinese

• EALC 413: Business Japanese

• EALC 415: Advanced Korean III

• EALC 417: Advanced Korean IV

• EALC 418: Korean Writing in Mixed Script

• EALC 419: Newspaper and Documentary Korean

• EALC 422: Advanced Japanese III

• EALC 424: Advanced Japanese IV

• EALC 440: Current Topics in Japanese