The core requirements for the EALC major allow students flexibility in designing their own course of study. Majors typically select one language and cultural area (Chinese, Japanese, or Korean) in which they do most of their course work. For this reason, one frequently hears students on campus speaking about “majoring” in Japanese, Chinese, or Korean, though strictly speaking all these students are actually majoring in EALC. Majors are encouraged to explore beyond their individual language focus by enrolling in the full range of EALC courses available in literature, film, history, media, and other aspects of East Asian cultures.

For questions or more information, please contact EALC’s Undergraduate Academic Advisor, Brianna Beltran, at

  • Many EALC majors complete part of their departmental requirements while studying abroad in China (Nanjing University or Beijing University), Taiwan (National Chengchi University), Japan (Waseda University, Nanzan University, or Tokyo International University), or Korea (Yonsei University), typically during their junior year.

  • Many EALC majors complete double-majors (e.g. EALC & International Relations, EALC & Business, etc.). In fact, the EALC majors have had very good representation among Renaissance Scholars at USC.