The Gateway to Global Aging Repository

Developed by the Program on Global Aging, Health, and Policy at CESR, is an incredibly robust storehouse of population survey data and tools that facilitate cross-national studies of aging. This diverse, international platform includes:

  • Meta data from all Health and Retirement Study (HRS)-family surveys
  • Data from other major global initiatives *
  • Digital library of survey questions
  • Search engine for finding comparable questions across surveys and within a survey over time
  • Set of identically defined (harmonized) variables for cross-country analysis
  • Population and sub-population estimates for key harmonized variables
  • Interactive graphs and tables to quickly examine selected variables and compare characteristics of older populations in more than 25 countries
  • A wiki system for researcher comment and input

You can access the website through this link: Gateway To Global Aging Data.

* In addition to HRS-family data, the repository encompasses the:

  • English Longitudinal Study on Ageing
  • Survey of Health, Ageing, and Retirement in Europe
  • Korean Longitudinal Study on Aging
  • Chinese Health and Retirement Longitudinal Survey
  • Mexican Health and Aging Study; the Japanese Study of Aging and Retirement
  • Longitudinal Aging Survey in India
  • Indonesian Family Life Survey
  • Irish Longitudinal Study of Aging
  • Study on Global Ageing and Adult Health

For questions about the Global Aging Data Repository, contact us.