Graduate Program

2015 Hooding Ceremony

Back: Brad Nabors, Michael Messner
Front: Leland Saito, Paul Lichterman, Jazmin Muro, Hye-Young Kwon, Max Greenberg.

The department of Sociology at the University of Southern California offers graduate students a vibrant academic environment in a campus that is nestled in the midst of an exciting urban center. Our graduate students enjoy an exceptionally generous financial aid package. Upon graduation, our students take academic position in research universities, liberal arts colleges, and other academic institutions (to see recent placements, visit our alumni page).  The  department offers the Doctor of Philosophy degree. Our PhD students also receive the Master of Arts (M.A. degree) after successfully completing the qualifying examinations.

The goals of our PhD program are:

  • to provide students with a thorough grounding in the core areas of theory, statistics, and research methods;
  • to develop proficiency in the process of sociological inquiry through substantive foci in two of the several sub-areas areas of sociology;
  • to allow for student participation in research as a means of learning to formulate, implement, and report the results of social inquiry;
  • to provide opportunities to participate in such other professional activities as teaching, the presentation of professional research papers, scholarly criticism, journal publication, and the administration of educational and research programs;
  • to provide guidance and assistance in seeking employment and otherwise pursuing the professional career, both during the program and after its completion; and
  • to provide assistance with travel funding for graduate students.
  • Sociology
  • 851 Downey Way
  • HSH 314
  • Los Angeles, CA 90089-1059