Financial Support

Financial support for graduate study is contingent upon academic ability as well as need. To the degree possible, the department seeks to support all who qualify. Four general types of support are available.

  1. College and Graduate School Fellowships. These vary in prerequisites and amounts and are for students with excellent qualifications. College Merit fellowships provide $23,000 stipend plus tuition, and a small number of Provost fellowships are available, and provide $30,000 stipend plus tuition.
  2. Teaching Assistantships. These are available through the department and are one-half or one-third time positions. Awards depend on academic and teaching abilities.  
  3. Research Assistantships. These are granted by faculty members for the employment of students on their research projects. Once again, academic ability combined with substantive interest and experience are the primary criteria.

    In addition to a monthly stipend, teaching and research assistantships and trainee positions also provide tuition remission, including, in some cases, units for summer study and healthcare coverage. Students interested in financial support are advised to submit their completed applications to the department by January 15.

Funding for Research

Few sociology departments in the country are able to match the level of resources that we now provide to our graduate students. In addition to TAships, RAships, and fellowships (e.g., from the Haynes Foundation, Irvine Foundation, NIA, USC College, USC Graduate School, and elsewhere), our graduate students can apply for as many as three different types of additional funding each year:

  1. Travel - to pay for costs related to participation in professional meetings; (Download Form)
  2. Dissertation Research and Development - to pay for costs related to dissertation research and/or specialized training seminars around the country; and
  3. Faculty/Graduate Student Collaboration - to provide research money to graduate students who are working on a paper collaboratively with a faculty member.

The diversity of our program and our faculty, the collegial and collaborative nature of the relationships between our faculty members and graduate students, and the great city we live in all make USC Sociology a unique and rewarding place for students to study.

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