Financial Support

The program in Comparative Studies in Literature and Culture at USC supports everyone it admits into the doctoral program with a multi-year package that combines fellowship support with teaching assistantships. For students entering the program with a BA degree, these packages usually consist of two years of fellowship and three years of teaching, although their distribution may be flexible. For those entering with an MA, the package will usually cover three years - one of fellowship and two of teaching. The College of Letters, Arts and Sciences and the Graduate School also regularly offer graduate students support to attend national and international conferences, and funding on for summer study and research.

Teaching assistants receive tuition remission plus a stipend and health benefits, and generally teach either one section of a language course or serve as assistant to a professor in a larger-enrollment class. Our graduate students regularly hold teaching assistantships in the university's Writing Program, the General Education program, the Multi-Media Literacy program, and the Thematic Option undergraduate honors program.  Graduate students from our department also regularly receive a variety of university dissertation fellowships.

International students should be aware that U.S. student visas may be dependent on special financial conditions.

Sources of External Support

Click here for information on external funding for dissertation and post-doctoral research.

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What's New

Our graduate student Zlatina Sandalska has been awarded the Center for Exellence in Teaching's University Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award for 2009.

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