In addition to our weekly Russian Conversation Hour (Русский чай), which meets on Thursdays at 5:00pm (spring semester 2023) in Taper Hall 271, we frequently host special lectures and event such as those listed below.


April 21, 2023

Prof. Lilya Kaganovsky (UCLA)

“Dysphonia as an Art Practice: Muratova, Tarkovsky, Gogoberidze”

The event will take place at 11:00AM-2:00PM on Friday, April 21st at the Parsons Family Auditorium (room 17 in the Leavey Library).

March 23, 2023

Conversation with Boris Dralyuk, writer, editor, translator

Taper Hall 309, 5:00pm

March 10, 2023

Prof. Yuliya Ilchuk (Stanford)

“The Vanished: Memory, Temporality, and Identity in Post-Euromaidan Ukraine”

March 3, 2023

Prof. Riccardo Nicolosi (LMU Munich)

“Russian Political Rhetoric on the War in Ukraine”

In my talk I analyze the political discourse on Ukraine in today’s Russia. I argue that this discourse is based on a paranoid interpretation of history, in which two main plot lines are of key significance: a sense of deep resentment and discursive practices of reenactment. At the same time, both these elements are evidence of a very particular perception of temporality in Putin’s Russia, where the past, interpreted in a conspiratorial vein, determines the perception of the present and the future. Importantly, this discourse owes its internal coherence to the fact that it functions in the same ways as conspiracy theories: nourished by strong emotions, it produces in its interpretation of global history a fundamental semiotic clarity, whereby any particular events are regarded not as contingent, but always as having significance in the context of the narrative thus constructed. That is why this discourse is therefore not falsifiable.

January 20, 2023

Prof. Sergei Oushakine (Princeton)

“Fighting a New Cult: Thing-Power of Late Socialism”


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