The program in Slavic Languages and Literatures at USC supports everyone it admits into the doctoral program with a multi-year package that combines fellowship support with teaching assistantships. Dornsife and the Graduate School also regularly offer graduate students supplementary funding to attend conferences, conduct research, or to pursue studies during the summer.

Teaching assistants receive tuition remission plus a stipend and health benefits, and generally teach either one section of a language course or serve as assistant to a professor in a larger-enrollment class. Graduate students from our department are eligible to apply to university dissertation fellowships.

International students should be aware that U.S. student visas may be dependent on special financial conditions.

Advanced graduate students are encouraged to apply for external dissertation writing and postdoctoral fellowships.


Department Office

Susan Kechekian

Department Director of Undergraduate Program

Prof. Evgeny Dengub

Department Director of Graduate Program

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