Russian Major

Students are required to study four semesters of Russian language as a prerequisite to the major. The major itself requires an additional three semesters of language study, three semesters of an advanced seminar on Russian culture (with varying content), and two elective courses, either in Russian literature and culture (in translation or Russian, depending on course scheduling) or in Russian area studies. See the list of course requirements.

Central European Studies Major

The major in Central European studies combines background in relevant languages (Russian plus either German or Polish, or more intensive study of Russian) with course work in international relations and the history, culture and politics of the region. See more information including course requirements.

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Russian Minor

The minor in Russian requires two years of Russian language (the lower division requirements for the major) plus three upper division elective courses chosen from the following (at least two of the areas must be represented): upper division Russian language courses (SLL 320, 325, 420); Russian literature and culture taught in Russian (SLL 321, 400, 430, 465); Russian literature, art and culture taught in translation (SLL 330, 344, 345, 348, 378).

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Russian Area Studies Minor

The lower division requirements are three semesters of Russian language (SLL 120, 150 and 220), or its equivalent, and in the upper division:

The core course, SLL 330g (Russian Thought and Civilization);
One course outside the Slavic department, from among the following: HIST 320, 324, 328, 415, 416, 424; IR 345, 483; POSC 464; SOCI 462;
and two electives, to be chosen from among: any upper division SLL course in Russian literature, art or culture; or HIST 320, 324, 328, 415, 416, 424; IR 345, 483; POSC 464.

Note: the course taken to fulfill a requirement outside the Slavic department cannot also count as an elective.

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Dornsife Scholarships for Language Study

Did you know that USC has several scholarships for students studying foreign languages including Russian? Check out the list online. Be sure not to miss the George F. Davis Endowed Scholarship in Comparative Literature, which is for students studying French or Russian.

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