USC Sea Grant’s work featured in four Oceanography journal articles in April 2024

ByUSC Sea Grant

This month, Sea Grant-funded research and work with coastal and Great Lakes communities across the nation are being highlighted in a special issue of “Oceanography,” the official magazine of The Oceanography Society. 

This special issue, published in April 2024, features 36 articles contributed by Sea Grant authors across 29 programs and the National Sea Grant Office. 

The articles cover a diverse range of topics including aquaculture, marine debris, green infrastructure, communications, and community partnership highlighting the wide scope of contributions Sea Grant makes to the environmental and marine sciences.

USC Sea Grant’s work is featured in four articles in this special issue:


Centering Knowledge Co-Production in Sustainability Science: Who, How and When



Sea Grant Programs Build Resilience to Coastal Climate Hazards



Putting the Community in Community Science: Lessons Learned from Sea Grant King Tides Project



Working with Giants: A Brief Overview of the University of Southern California Sea Grant’s Work with the Ninth Largest Port Complex in the World