USC Sea Grant Releases a New Report on Climate Change Migration

People on the Move in a Changing Climate Southwest Workshop Synthesis 2024

USC Sea Grant just released the much anticipated 2024 People on the Move in a Changing Climate (PEMOCC) Southwest Workshop Synthesis Report. The report is a summary of a 2022 PEMOCC Workshop led by USC Sea Grant. Twenty-one experts in migration studies, climate communication, and law and policy presented their work. The report summarizes the workshop introduction, keynote address, and six-panel presentations and then present a synthesis of research, policy, communications, and collaboration needs based on these panels and workshop breakout discussions. 

There is a major research gap on how shifts in population patterns intersect with the underlying socioeconomic, cultural, political, and environmental impacts of climate change. We also know little about the resources (or lack thereof) that either enable or constrain climate-induced human mobility (e.g., displacement, migration, and planned relocation) or immobility. 

In response, the National Science Foundation Coastlines and People Research Coordination Network Grant funded the project entitled “People on the Move in a Changing Climate (PEMOCC),” led by the Georgia Sea Grant Program and nationwide partners. Leading PEMOCC’s Southwest Region Project Team, the University of Southern California (USC) Sea Grant Program convened the virtual workshop in 2022.

To learn more about USC Sea Grant’s PEMOCC work and to view and download the new 2024 report, go here.