Condensed Matter and Atomic, Molecular, and Optical Physics

The Condensed Matter group is currently investigating a range of topics, including unconventional superconductivity, quantum spin liquids, solid state quantum computers, electron transport at low temperatures, two-dimensional inversion layers in semiconductors, semiconductor physics and semiconductor device properties at low temperatures, magnetism at ultralow temperatures, electromagnetic properties of superconductors, and physics of nanoclusters/nanoparticles. Members of the Condensed Matter group include Professors Christopher GouldStephan HaasEli Levenson-FalkKelly LuoRajiv KaliaVitaly Kresin, Grace LuAnupam Madhukar, Aiichiro NakanoPriya Vashishta, and Paolo Zanardi.

The research efforts of the Atomic, Molecular, and Optical Physics group are primarily concerned with spectroscopy, imaging, and control of cold molecules, superfluid droplets, and nanoscale photonic structures. Members of the Atomic, Molecular, and Optical Physics group include Professors Vitaly KresinRobin ShakeshaftSteve CroninTony LeviMichelle PovinelliOleg PrezhdoSusumu TakahashiAndrey Vilesov, and Nan Yu.


Group Web Sites:

Condensed Matter Theory (Currently recruiting PhD students)

Collaboratory for Advanced Computing and Simulations (Currently recruiting PhD students)

Levenson-Falk Laboratory (Currently recruiting PhD students)

Nanocluster Physics Laboratory (Currently recruiting PhD students)

Nanoelectronics & Advanced Material Innovation (NAMI) (Currently recruiting PhD students)

Povinelli Nanophotonics Laboratory (Currently recruiting PhD students)

Quantum Nanostructures Group (Currently recruiting PhD students)

Ultrafast Quantum Opto-Spintronics Research Group (Luo Lab) (Currently recruiting PhD students)