Experimental Biophysics

Examining biology through the lens of physics has led to a more fundamental and quantitative understanding of many biological systems, as well as inspiring the next generation of synthetic biological systems and materials. Research topics include biological change transfer, communication within microbial communities, polymeric-protein mediated structures, and diffusion in distinct subcellular compartments. Members of the experimental biological physics group include Professors Moh El-Naggar, James BoedickerFabien PinaudPeter Chung, and Peter Foster.

Group Website: NanoBio Group (Currently  recruiting PhD students)

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Theoretical Biological Physics

Seeking a mechanistic understanding of biological phenomena in terms of physical models, the theoretical biological physics group seeks to uncover novel mechanisms underlying biological processes and suggest new experimental approaches for the quantitative control of living systems. Research topics include the physicochemical parameters that define the cellular membrane, the structural/electronic properties of biomacromolecules, and regulation of synaptic transmission/plasticity. Members of the theoretical biological physics group include Professors Rosa Di FeliceStephan Haas, and Christoph Haselwandter.

Group Website: Di Felice Group (Currently recruiting PhD students)

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