Biophysics of Natural and Synthetic Microbial Networks

The Boedicker Lab is interested in understanding the rules that make complex networks of microbes work.  Microbial communities play an important role in our everyday lives, and our lab aims to increase their benefit to society by developing experimental and theoretical tools to control, predict, and design the functional outputs of both synthetic and natural microbial ecosystems.  Towards this goal, we have been developing predictive and quantitative models of biological decision making, using the tools of synthetic biology to test and expand our understanding of gene regulation, and investigating the role of microscale spatial structure on signal exchange and interspecies gene regulation.


Positions available

We are currently looking for talented Postdocs with backgrounds in Biophysics, Microbiology, Synthetic Biology, or Bioengineering to work on projects including interspecies signaling in microbial communities, theoretical models of gene regulatory networks, developing microfabricated habitats for synthetic ecosystems, and reaction-diffusion patterns in cellular networks.


We are thankful for support from the Office of Naval Research, Army Resarch Office, DARPA, and NSF.

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