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Research Areas

Research faculty in Human and Evolutionary Biology specialize in several disciplines: the neurobiological control of glucose homeostasis, food intake and body weight regulation, biomechanics, human performance and the cellular control of mitochondrial biology as well as primate behavior and how to use an evolutionary context to improve health outcomes.

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Our faculty includes Fellows of the American College of Sports Medicine, International Society of Biomechanics, and the American Society of Biomechanics as well as recipients of multiple mentoring and research awards.

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The Human & Evolutionary Biology (HEB) section focuses on the human organism within the context of development, ecology, pathology, anatomy, and physiology, while also examining how these factors influenced human evolution. Understanding human evolution will help inform us on the present and future state of our species. Faculty research is diverse and involves studies at all levels including genetic, molecular, organismal, neurological, mechanical, behavioral, and evolutionary implications.