The Dornsife Faculty-Led Programs Office (FLP) offers a variety of Summer programs, including Problems Without Passports (PWP) courses. PWP courses combine problem-based or inquiry learning research exercises with study in different locations worldwide. These programs are open to all USC undergraduate students. However, graduate students are ineligible to apply, and progressive students must contact the FLP office ( to determine eligibility before applying.

Summer programs typically run from the end of May to July and are attached to the Summer semester, separate from the Spring semester. Summer courses can be found in the Special Sections of the USC Catalogue and are not eligible to be included in financial aid packages. A normal academic load for undergraduate students is 12-16 units per semester, with the university recommending that undergraduates register for no more than 18 units. Permission to enroll in more than 20 units requires written approval from the student’s home department.

Students participating in Summer FLP programs will need to pay for Summer tuition and FLP program fees. These fees cover various expenses such as lodging, meals, transportation, and other program-related costs.

Our independent Faculty-Led Program (FLP) options provide exceptional opportunities for research and experiential learning off-campus, both in the United States and internationally.

PWP and Summer Programs

    • Dornsife FLP: Problems Without Passports -The Biology of Health from a Global Perspective (BISC 428)
    • Dornsife FLP: Problems Without Passports -Archaeological Fieldwork in the Maya Region (ANTH 450)
      • Location: Blue Creek, Belize
      • Led By: Eric Heller,
      • Brochure Application
      • Information session:
        • Friday, January 26th at 3pm in Taper Hall Basement, Room 8 (THH B8).
        • Wednesday, January 31st at 6pm via Zoom (Meeting ID: 841 192 5086)
        • February 6th at 4pm in Taper Hall Basement, Room 8 (THH B8).
    • Dornsife FLP: Field Research in Maya Archaeology (ANTH 450-PWP)
    • Dornsife FLP: Indigenous Language Revitalization in Ireland and Northern Ireland (ANTH 409- PWP)
      • Location: Belfast, United Kingdom, Dublin, Ireland, Glencolumbkille, Ireland
      • Led By: Tok Thompson​​​​​​​,
    • Dornsife FLP: IR Brussels Summer Internship Program 2023 (IR 391x)
    • Dornsife FLP: USC French Program, Summer in Dijon (FREN 300, 330, 490X, 150, 220, 250)
    • Dornsife FLP: USC Taiwan Chinese Summer Program (EALC 204, 206, 304, 306, 404, 406, or 106)