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As the final pages of 2023 gently turn, we invite you to pause and reflect with us. This year’s tapestry, intricately woven with challenges and triumphs, reveals stories of resilience, innovation, and collective spirit.

Celebrate this journey in our first ever ‘ERI Interactive Impact Report. Our immersive Canva-powered website brings our year in review to life, allowing you to engage with our content in a fresh interactive way. This report features:

Data tools: Explore dynamic resources like our updated Eligible to Naturalize Interactive maps.
Insightful reports: Delve into comprehensive analyses such as State of Immigrants in Los Angeles County – 2023 and Looking Around The Corner: Reimagining Power For A Healthy and Just California. 
Engaging videos and community voices: Discover diverse perspectives in our #ERI15years playlist.
ERI blogs, articles & op-eds: Engage with thought-provoking pieces like, “What’s in a Shared identity?”

More than a compilation of achievements, this report is a celebration of our shared journey, a testament to our impact and growth. Join us in exploring the many facets of our year and looking ahead with anticipation to the future.


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