Easterlin Fellows

The Department of Economics is pleased to announce the Easterlin Fellows, named for our distinguished professor emeritus, Richard Easterlin.
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Class of 2021


Jiaxuan Lu


Career Interests: Economist, Academia, Economic Consulting
Research Interests: Economic Growth, International Trade, Foreign Direct Investment, Political Economy, Income Inequality, Econometrics, Chinese Economy, North Korean Economy
Special Skills: Chinese, Python, Stata, Matlab, SQL, MongoDB, ArcGIS
Expected Graduation: 5/15/2021
Major: Economics/Mathematics
Minor: Applied Analytics
Email: jiaxuanl@usc.edu


Andrew Knechel


Career Interests: Economic Consulting, Graduate School for Economics
Research Interests: Price Models, Behavioral Economics, Consumer Behavior, Effect of eCommerce on Consumer Habits, Assymetric Information as it Impacts Consumer Preferences and Perceptions
Special Skills: R, Python, Excel
Expected Graduation: 5/15/2019
Major: Economics and Mathematics, English with Creative Writing Focus
Minor: Applied Analytics
Email: caseyb@usc.edu


Sara Gong


Career Interests: Applications of economic research to law and public policy.
Research Interests:  Innovation and entrepreneurship through the lens of behavioral economics.
Special Skills: R, Python, MATLAB, Git, LaTeX, HTML/CSS, Excel
Expected Graduation: 5/1/2021
Major: B.S., Economics/Math & B.A., Philosophy
Email: saragong@usc.edu


Claire Liu


Career Interests: Economic Consulting, Finance
Research Interests: Behavioral Economics, Development Economics, East Asia
Special Skills: Mandarin Chinese; basic Python, SQL
Expected Graduation: 5/14/2021
Major: Economics/Mathematics
Minor: International Relations, Business Finances
Email: claireyl@usc.edu


Camilla Landoni


Career Interests: Economic Consulting, Management Consulting, Market Research
Research Interests: Antitrust and Competitive Economics, Economic Inequality, and Political economy
Special Skills: Languages: English, French, Italian ; Software Skills: Stata
Expected Graduation: 5/1/2020
Major: Economics and Political Science
Email: luow@usc.edu


Andrew Maxwell Sharng


Career Interests: Academia, Think Tank, Federal Reserve
Research Interests: Inequality, Finance, Antitrust
Special Skills: R, Python
Expected Graduation: 5/10/2021
Major: Mathematics/Economics
Email: sharng@usc.edu


Maya Prakash


Career Interests: International Law or Public Policy
Research Interests: International Public Policy and Political Economy
Special Skills: Spanish, Arabic, and Program R
Expected Graduation: 5/12/2019
Major: International Relations Global Business and Economics
Minor: Middle East Studies
Email: mayaprak@usc.edu


Ashley Nicolas


Career Interests: Law, Finance, Technology, Consulting
Research Interests: Health and Labor Economics, Public Policy, Economic Development
Special Skills: Fluent Spanish; R, Stata, and Python
Expected Graduation: 5/14/2021
Major: Economics
Minor: Applied Analytics
Email: apnicola@usc.edu


Class of 2020


Ethan Caspi


Career Interests: Economic Consulting, Behavioral Sciences
Research Interests: Behavioral Economics, Applied Microeconomics, Political Economy
Special Skills: R(proficient), STATA(basic), Spanish(conversational, strong proficiency)
Expected Graduation: 5/12/2020
Major: Economics and Political Science
Email: ecaspi@usc.edu


Ramina Hedayati


Career Interests: Lawyer
Research Interests: Public Policy, Politics, Artificial Intelligence
Special Skills: Fluent Farsi, Conversational Spanish, STATA, Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint
Expected Graduation: 5/9/2020
Major: Economics
Minor: Business Law
Email: rhedayat@usc.edu


Derek Zhou


Career Interests: Economic Consulting
Research Interests: Banking and finance
Special Skills: Python, R, Matlab, Stata, Language: Native Chinese speaker
Expected Graduation: 5/20/2020
Major:Economics & Applied and Computational Mathematics
Minor: Business Finance


Nolan Jones


Career Interests: Law, real estate, finance, urban planning
Research Interests: Urban development, the auto industry, climate change adapation
Special Skills: Conversational Spanish; ArcGIS, QGIS; basic R, python, and stata
Expected Graduation: 5/1/2020
Major: Economics/Mathematics
Minor: Spatial Studies
Email: nolanjon@usc.edu


Sameer Nair-Desai


Career Interests: Social Enterprise, Government, Academia
Research Interests: Development Economics, Social Entrepreneurship, Public Policy, International Finance & Trade, Organizational Behavior, Human Capital
Special Skills: Spanish (business proficient), Microsoft Suite, Data & Analytics, Research
Expected Graduation: 5/11/2020
Major: Economics/International Relations & Global Business
Minor: Focus in International Finance
Email: nairdesa@usc.edu


Hailey Ordal


Career Interests: Research economics
Research Interests: Macroeconomic/international trade/international finance issues that influence Europe and the former Soviet Union, particularly surrounding European integration and the transition of former Soviet states to a market economy system.
Special Skills: Languages: Russian, German, Spanish Programming: Java, Stata
Expected Graduation: 5/15/2020
Major: Economics/Mathematics and Central European Studies
Email: ordal@usc.edu


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