I’m a third-year PhD student from New Zealand. I studied Greek and Maths at the University of Auckland, where I wrote on the relationship between Apollo and Zeus in Greek tragedy by examining the intersection of their spheres of interest, namely prophecies and δικη. I also wrote on the narrative structure of battle type scenes in the Iliad. Recent projects of mine include the uses of music in Alcestis and colour in lyric poetry.

While my research focuses on early Greek poetry, I am interested in ancient languages more generally and have dipped my toes into Middle Egyptian Hieroglyphs and Old Norse, as well as groups for spoken Greek and Latin.


  • BA Univ. of Auckland
  • BS Univ. of Auckland
  • MA Univ. of Auckland
  • Research Keywords

    Greek and Latin language; tragedy; epic; narratology; ancient ethics; music and prosody; ancient senses

  • Conference Presentations

    • Poetic chromaticism: colour clusters in early Greek lyric poetry , 2020-2021
    • Agents of Justice: Zeus, Apollo and the fulfilment of δίκη in the ‘Oresteia’ ASCS 41 , 2019-2020
    • The Social Functions of Music in Euripides’ ‘Alcestis’ , 2019-2020
    • ‘Duel Meanings’: the body-recovery type scene in the ‘Iliad’ ASCS 39 , 2017-2018
    • Interpreting the gods in ‘Oedipus Tyrannus’ AMPHORAE XII , 2017-2018