Scope of Activitites

As a think tank and research center, the USC Casden Institute for the Study of the Jewish Role in American Life invites scholars from USC and other institutions to study the evolution of the western Jewish community within American society.

Scholars, students and community leaders examine the ongoing contributions of American Jews in the arts, business, media, literature, education, politics, law and social relations, as well as the relationships between Jewish Americans and other groups, including African Americans, Latinos, Asian Americans and Arab Americans. To encourage public understanding and debate on these issues, the Casden Institute plans a variety of activities:

    • Conferences featuring eminent scholars and leaders from business, government and the media
    • Distinguished lecture series for the university and community
    • Community-based interethnic dialogue groups coordinated and facilitated by researchers affiliated with the institute
    • Research projects to launch and support new scholarships, exhibitions and publications
    • A visiting faculty program to encourage participation of prominent scholars from throughout the world
    • A summer study and internship program, sponsored jointly by USC and Hebrew Union College, that exposes students to the social, cultural and economic issues of Los Angeles’ inner city
    • Publication of books and journal articles for both academic and general audiences and creation of a commissioned working-paper series special programs and interdepartmental events, such as a film series, to educate large numbers of USC undergraduate students about the American Jewish experience
    • Support of graduate research assistantships, doctoral fellowships and post-doctoral appointments for young scholars