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Student Loan Debt, AI and the Extinction of the American Middle Class

Student Loan Debt, AI and the Extinction of the American Middle Class

*Note the segment starts at 3:02.

Rachel Maddow Presents: Ultra 

The podcast, Rachel Maddow Presents: Ultra, will debut its first two episodes on Oct. 10. According to MSNBC, in the eight-episode series Maddow “will guide listeners through history to tell the story of Americans who plotted to overthrow the government and democracy during World War II, the members of Congress who aligned themselves with that movement, and their attempts to cover their tracks when they were exposed.” 




Episode 3: The Day




Biden’s loan forgiveness plan fails to fix the student loan system

UCLA students Lex Wang and Nicolas Greamo speak about the Biden administration’s announcement of a new federal student loan forgiveness program and its effects on students.;!!LIr3w8kk_Xxm!qg6jfajDF63rEj7Hj_OQkRTwbiQJ_MFvm34JGyGhy4DS7Kpepjyqiq7rWRTikv7NtZ3EA3mTpZIJ2Lo$


In Depth: Student Debt Crisis

Alan Collinge, the founder of Student Loan Justice, joins Hal to talk about the growing problem of student loans in the U.S. Then, Lisa Ansell with the USC Casden Institute alks to Hal about the impact of student loans on California students. Finally, hear from Dr. Liz Maines, a psychotherapist who finds herself crippled by student loan debt.


Rob Eshman on the Casden Annual Review 2021

Letter from Califronia with Rob Eshman: Jan. 6 was a big Jewish problem


The Trump Presidency and American Jews

Times of Israel: The Trump Presidency and American Jews: Reflections on my Forthcoming Book


Scared to Debt

Meet a Teacher who just got $44,000 in Student Debt Forgiven but is Still Fighting: ‘This Struggle isn’t over until it’s over for all 45 Million Americans’

Schumer: Biden can – and should – Cancel $50,000 in Student Debt

Schumer reiterates call for Biden to cancel $50K of student loan debt per borrower ‘with the flick of a pen’

Student Debt Activists Press for Loan Forgiveness in USC Panel 

How 2 Years Without Student Loan Bills Changed the Game for America’s Borrowers

Live with Student Loan Justice

Biden’s top student-loan official said much more student debt relief is to come, but asks borrowers ‘not to flood our phone lines’

Annenberg TV News Mon. April 11, 2022

*Note: The segment begins at 4:31


Steve Ross, Myron and Marian Casden Director:

‘Hate Never Disappears. It Just Takes a Break for a While.’ Why the U.S. Capitol Attack Makes Holocaust Remembrance Day More Important Than Ever

Hitler in Los Angeles: How Jews Foiled Nazi Plots Against Hollywood & America

Eighty years before Pittsburgh, Kristallnacht emboldened Nazis in Los Angeles

The Nazi Sites of Los Angeles: A Walking Tour of Where the Fascists and Hitlerites Gathered in California,” Talk of the Town Column

How a network of citizen-spies foiled Nazi plots to exterminate Jews in 1930s L.A.

When Hitler Sent His Minions to LA: The True-Life Nazi Plot Against Hollywood


Josh Kun, USC Annenberg Professor and Casden Advisory Board Member:

Acclaimed USC Professor John Kun Awarded Berlin Prize



Paul Lerner, USC Professor of History and Casden Advisory Board Member: 

USC Professor Wins the American Historical Association’s 2016 Dorothy Rosenberg Prize