Photo of the 2016 Margee and Douglas fellow Katja Schatte in front of a photo display. Katja is smiling and wearing a scarf and striped shirt.

Margee and Douglas Greenberg Research Fellowship

The Margee and Douglas Greenberg Research Fellowship, the first endowed fellowship for the Center, enables an advanced standing PhD candidate to spend up to a month in residence at the Center every year. The result of a generous gift from Margee and Douglas Greenberg, the fellowship is awarded based on the originality of the proposal and the potential to make advancements in the field through the use of testimonies in the Visual History Archive.

Fellowship Audience

Advanced-Standing PhD Candidates

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Headshot of Alexandra Szabó.

Alexandra Szabó

2023-2024 Greenberg Research Fellow

Hungarian Romani and Jewish women’s experiences of fertility abuses

A still from Raissa's lecture video. She is smiling and looking into the audience.

Raíssa Alonso

2022-2023 Greenberg Research Fellow

Anti-Nazi resistance on the American continent

Lilia Tomchuk

2021-2022 Greenberg Research Fellow

Agency, choice, survival, and resistance of Jewish women during the Holocaust in Transnistria

A cropped headshot of Florian Zabransky.

Florian Zabransky

2020-2021 Greenberg Research Fellow

Intersection of intimacy, violence, and agency of Jewish men during the Holocaust

Maël Le Noc

2019-2020 Greenberg Research Fellow

Geographies of persecution in occupied Paris

Headshot of Lukas Meissel.

Lukas Meissel

2018-2019 Greenberg Research Fellow

SS photography from concentration camps

Irina Rebrova

2017-2018 Greenberg Research Fellow

The role of oral history interviews in Russia’s regional Holocaust memory

Katja Schatte

2016-2017 Greenberg Research Fellow

Jewish women living in East Berlin from 1945 to 1990

Headshot of Julia Werner

Julia Werner

2015-2016 Greenberg Research Fellow

Ghettoization as represented in photographs and examination of what’s outside the frame

Jared McBride

2014-2015 Greenberg Research Fellow

Constructing a micro-history of the Holocaust in Western Ukraine