Environmental Justice Projects

While all communities can be at risk from environmental stressors, communities of color—often located in areas with concentrated poverty and cumulative socioeconomic disadvantage—experience a disproportionate burden. While impacts are typically visible to the naked eye, in order to change public policy, organizers need scientific evidence to prove what they know is real.

PERE’s work in environmental justice includes:

  1. Determining localized impact and broader patterns of environmental inequality by analyzing government environmental databases

  2. Collaborating with community organizations to check the data against the facts on the ground and make policy recommendations

  3. Convening community organizers, researchers, and funders to advance the field together

Our partners include Communities for a Better Environment (CBE), California Air Resources Board (CARB), California Environmental Justice Alliance (CEJA), Environmental Health Coalition (EHC), Liberty Hill Foundation, research partners from Occidental College and UC Berkeley, and others.

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