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William and Mary Quarterly-
Early Modern Studies Institute Workshop 2016:
"Religions in the Early Americas"

To RSVP and gain access to the pre-circulated papers for this workshop, please contact Kelly Crawford.

Until the rise of social history and women’s history in the 1970s, most scholars of early American religion focused their work on a relatively small number of characters and places. Puritans loomed particularly large in early Americanist scholarship, and most studies centered on New England, Pennsylvania, and Virginia. Since then, by contrast, the field has expanded to encompass new topics, including transatlantic connections, gender, race, folk religion, and religious pluralism. Historians today are interested not only in exploring the wide range of religious beliefs and practices in the early Americas but also in expanding the borders of the field beyond the British mainland colonies. This workshop will highlight new approaches to the study of religions in early America. We hope to generate a lively conversation about both the history and the future of the field.

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