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USC College Magazine Spring/Summer 2010


Cover Story: What lies deep beneath the ocean floor? With a $25 million NSF grant, Katrina Edwards and her team are determined to find out. By Susan Andrews

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Brains and Beauty

The Brain and Creativity Institute takes on humankind's biggest neuroscientific questions with intellect and an artistic soul.

Cool Science

Donal Manahan's course in Antarctica focuses on integrative biology. Yes, there will be penguins.

There's Nothing to Fear (It's Just Science)

The Loh Down on Science host reminds us that science belongs to everyone. So, let's enjoy.

Yeast Unleashed

These one-celled fungi are not only good for making bread, beer and whiskey. They’re also an important research tool in the fight against cancer.

The Mechanisms of Memory

USC College's Michel Baudry and graduate student Sohila Zadran brought 40 years of research to a pinnacle with their breakthroughs in the science of learning and memory.

Los Angeles' 8.8 Wake-up Call

The massive temblors in Haiti and Chile should serve as a warning for Angelenos. To prepare, the Southern California Earthquake Center housed in USC College created The Great California ShakeOut. On Oct. 21 at 10:21 a.m., USC, along with 6.9 million people, will participate in the annual drill.

A Real Tweet

Stuttering, Parkinson's disease, Fragile X syndrome. The neural circuitry­ of songbirds holds one of the keys to understanding and repairing vocal learning in humans.

Fridays Are Happening

With backup from some talented musicians, science takes center stage at the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County.

Chemistry Off the Charts

Cutting-edge instrumental facilities pave the way for more innovative research.

Seasons in the Sun

After the Station fire and flash flooding, astronomer Edward Rhodes and one of his undergrads attempt to make it up Mt. Wilson to the 60-foot solar tower.

Of Plants, Flies and Men

With the help of a small flowering plant and a fruit fly, Simon Tavaré is leading a team of researchers to advance our understanding of the genetic origins of human disease.

Crystal Clear

Lin Chen's Eureka! moment leads to major breakthroughs in structural biology.

Scientists on the New Frontiers

Read how researchers in the basic and applied sciences at USC work side-by-side to solve complex problems.

Explosives, Black Holes and Dr. Who

Nick Warner's scientific curiosity was sparked at a young age. Now he shares the same joy of discovery with students and television viewers around the world.

Image is Everything

Alan Nelson ’72 pioneers technology for the early detection of cervical and lung cancers.

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