Inside-Out Writing Workshop

This course is being offered in conjunction with the USC Dornsife Prison Education Project. This class aims to create opportunities for USC and students in-custody to learn from each other in a rigorous and collaborative environment. This course will focus on autobiography, and each week, students will be tasked with drafting a new chapter of their life stories. We will try to understand ourselves and our society through reading, writing, with an emphasis on writing as a process. Work between USC and students in-custody will be exchanged via electronic correspondence or in person, dependent upon the facility. For D-clearance please email Professor DeDominic at

Please allow 90 minutes of travel time before and after the listed course time.

Competitive Moot Court

This undergraduate elective writing course centers on legal analysis and writing using the case universe and fact pattern employed by the American Moot Court Association (AMCA). Students will learn how to read and brief case law, how to engage in an appellate-style oral argument and how to draft an appellate brief. While WRIT 340 is not a prerequisite for WRIT 320, students who have either taken WRIT 340: Moot Court or are simultaneously taking WRIT 340: Moot Court in the fall of 2022 as well as students who have already competed on USCs Moot Court team will have priority. Students who enroll in WRIT 320: Competitive Moot Court will be required to participate in at least one event on USCs competitive team, which has both oral argument and brief-writing competitions. The oral argument competitors for regionals will most likely come from this section. Students will be expected to learn the case universe either via summer Zoom sessions with Professor Elefano or independently after the new prompt is released in May and prior to the start of the fall semester.