Writing 150 Waitlist
Week 1 Register for a seat as they become available. Students can move around freely without requesting approval. All Writing 150 sections are capped at 15 seats.
Week 2 All Writing sections are on D-clearance. There is no waitlist for Writing 150, if you see a seat open on the schedule, complete this form.  Completing this form is not a guarantee of a seat.  If you are granted D-clearance the Writing Program office will contact you to register and attend the next class meeting.
Week 3 Adding in week 3 is strongly discouraged and requires approval by the instructor. Any seats assigned in week 3 will be done through the Writing Program office. Given the nature of the writing curriculum and the workshop format of the class, joining a Writing 150 section after the second week of the semester places a student at a severe disadvantage in terms of the goals and requirements of the course. For this reason, requests require both administrative and instructor approval. Email writprog@usc.edu with questions.