The Writing Program does not use the add/drop form. Professors are not able to add you to their sections. Please follow the instructions below for each week:

Writing 340 If you are inquiring about a Writing 340 Business or Engineering section please contact
For Advanced Writing for Business contact: Angie Sabido-Wood at
For Advanced Writing Communication for Engineers: contact
Week 1 For Arts & Humanities, Natural Sciences, Economics, Food Studies, Social Sciences, Health Sciences, Pre-Law: Register for a seat as they become available. All Writing 340 sections are capped at 19 seats.
For Communication & the Public Intellectual, Advanced Writing: Writing in the Community, Advanced Writing for Health Sciences: Global Health, Advanced Writing for Editing and Publishing, and Visual & Performing Arts: Please see the notes for instructions on D-clearance on the Schedule of Classes.
Week 2  

For all other writing sections on D-clearance. If by the start of Week 2 you do not have a Writing 340 section and you require one, please email The waitlist does not guarantee a seat; priority is given to graduating seniors.  If you are granted D-clearance the Writing Program office will contact you to register and attend the next class meeting.

Week 3 Adding in week 3 is strongly discouraged and requires approval by the instructor.  Any seats assigned in week 3 will be done through the Writing Program office. Given the nature of the writing curriculum and the workshop format of the class, joining a Writing 340 section after the second week of the semester places a student at a severe disadvantage in terms of the goals and requirements of the course. For this reason, requests to add 340 during the third week are usually denied. On the basis of extraordinary circumstances, a student may initiate an exception request in the relevant administrative office  (at the Dornsife College Writing Program, the Marshall Center for Management Communication, or the Viterbi Engineering Writing Program); such requests require both administrative and instructor approval.   Email with questions.
Notes: You should be on the roster of a given section before you begin attending a Writing class