The Global Islam Track will extend the category “global” beyond the traditional boundaries of the Middle East, Africa, South and Southeast Asia. Students will be trained to integrate the various contestations, innovations, traditions, and revisionist discourses among Muslims into a mega-conversation about the meaning and impact of Islam across space and time. This will include training in the accurate reading and critical analysis of the textual tradition of the Islamic religious sciences, in conversation with modern tools of investigation and analysis.

Students will also have access to multiple disciplinary perspectives, e.g., international relations, gender studies, political theory, race and ethnicity studies, anthropology, media studies. USC’s Center for Islamic Thought, Culture and Practice will be a site for intellectual exploration and exchange, affording students direct access to leading scholars, intellectuals and practitioners from around the world.

Mandatory Global Islam track courses include REL 525, REL 625 and REL 650.

Requirements for research languages other than English depend of field of specialization.

USC Center for Islamic Thought, Culture and Practice Conference. A resource for students in the Global Islam track.

Students may also have the opportunity to use resources at:

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