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USC’s Department of Religion offers students the opportunity to combine the best of the humanities and social sciences! Our diverse curriculum allows students to gain in-depth knowledge of particular traditions and cultures while, at the same time, learning how to read closely, think critically, and write clearly. Our graduates tend to follow career paths similar to those who majored in other disciplines in the humanities and social sciences.


Here’s what some of our graduates have reported:

“The dynamics of religion really do define cultures, and so being able to understand those religions has helped me to understand a lot of cultural dynamics.”

Derek Schujahn, Operations Consultant and Human Rights Advocate, Founder of Project: AK-47

“A double major in IR and Religious Studies will expose students to that dimension of culture — religion — that’s so important in many parts of the world, especially Asia, majority Muslim countries, and the United States. Religion continues to shape economic and social policies around the world.”

Mike O’Sullivan, Reporter, Voice of America

“When people hear that I am a religion major, they say, ‘Oh, so what are you going to do with that?’ But [the study of religion has] taught me how to deal with complex phenomena. It’s a hot topic, too, and I’m proud to be studying it.”

Jennifer Escobar, Class of 2012 Religion Major and Recipient of the Mellon Mays Award

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