An important part of the Ph.D. Academy’s goal is to have its program graduates stand out amongst their peers and become leaders in their chosen professions. The Ph.D. Academy is committed to cultivating excellent students and future leaders. Explore some resources that we have compiled to aid you in your skill development.


    Advancing Your Research

    Improve and advance your research skills to make your research stand out amongst your peers.


    Elevate your communication by learning how to pitch your ideas, effectively present your research, utilize social media, and actively listen.

    Leadership & Management

    Build the skills to be an impactful and effective leader and learn how to efficiently manage your time.


    Negotiation theory can be useful beyond career and salary negotiations. Understanding how and when to use negotiation theory will enrich your personal and professional life.


    Networking is essential to career development. Networking skills can be developed and honed through concerted effort and practice.


    Knowing how to effectively teach has incredible value whether in a class, professional, or personal setting. Advance your teaching capabilities to be an impactful teacher.


    Writing is a fundamental tool to effectively communicate your ideas. Learn how to enhance your writing to say what you want.