Explore different programs, boot camps, and competitions to improve your communications skills.

AIBS Communication Boot Camp for Scientists

American Institute of Biological Sciences (AIBS) hosts an intensive, two-day, hands-on training program offered online and periodically in Washington, DC.



Three Minute Thesis (3MT) Competitions

The Three Minute Thesis competition celebrates the exciting research conducted by Doctor of Philosophy students. Developed by The University of Queensland, 3MT cultivates students’ academic, presentation, and research communication skills.

The competition supports their capacity to effectively explain their research in three minutes, in a language appropriate to a non-specialist audience.

USC Humanities in a Digital World Summer Boot Camp

Humanities in a Digital World Summer Boot Camps are open to USC and Claremont Colleges faculty, postdocs, and graduate students with primary interests in the humanities.


Learn how to effectively pitch your ideas concisely and clearly.

Pitching the Basics

The OpEd Project (2020) provides tips on pitching.


Time to Perfect Your Elevator Pitch

University of Pennsylvania tips on how to perfect your pitch.

Recruiting Tips: Elevator Speech 101

Deloitte recruiters provide tips on how to stand out in your pitch.

How to Pitch Yourself to an Employer

Researchers from National Library of Medicine provide 1o simple rules to how to hit a home run with your elevator pitch.

Preparing an Elevator Pitch as a Ph.D. Student: Challenges and Strategies

Article from Medium (Kohno, 2023), talked about how to prep your elevator pitches as a Ph.D students – highlighting strengths and recognizing weaknesses.

How to Write a Ph.D. Elevator Pitch

Learn more on how to write a Ph.D elevator pitch, advices from Academic Position.

Presenting Research

Perfect your presentation skills so that you are able to explain your research to anybody.

Perfecting Your Presentation Skill

Collection of TedTalks videos on helpful tips to hone in your presentation skills before hitting the conference room.

Research Statement

Cornell University Graduate School

Academic Presentation Tips from TedTalk

Tips and advices from TedTalks Researchers used when presenting their findings, from their secret to public speaking to core concepts they focus on (LIN, 2022).

Hooking Your Audience with Your Research

Watch Euan Doige’s winning presentation at the 3-Minute-Thesis (3MT) conference as well as a 4 minute read on his valuable advice in presenting your research (Doidge, 2023).

Presenting at Conferences – Making the most Opportunities

University of Melbourne’s guide on gaining the most opportunities when presenting at conferences.

Social Media

Modernize your communication and learn how to engage in social media to share your ideas.


An important aspect to communication is not only speaking, but listening. Learn how to strengthen your communication with active listening skills.

Key Tips on Active Listening

MIT Human Resources (2023)

How to Become a Better Listener

Harvard Business Review (2021

Leadership Through Listening

USC Annenberg, School of Communication and Journalism

Improving Your Listening Skills

USC Career Center Resources