Roshni Lulla – Psychology

The USC Dornsife Ph.D. Academy supports Dornsife Ph.D. students to help them thrive during each year of their Ph.D. program. The Ph.D. Academy wants to highlight the amazing students that are a part of our unique community.

This month’s student spotlight is on Roshni Lulla, a first-year Ph.D. candidate in the Brain and Cognitive Science program in the Department of Psychology. The Ph.D. Academy interviewed Roshni after she won the Brooks Kushman Patentability Award at the 14th Annual USC Stevens Student Innovator Showcase in November 2021. Congratulations, Roshni!

Roshni Lulla Winner: Recordless – Brooks Kushman Patentability Award

What is your current scholarship focus?
I am currently in my first year of the Dornsife Psychology program within the Brain & Cognitive Sciences area. My research is focused on understanding how emotion affects our decision-making, using functional neuroimaging.

Logo of Roshni’s company, Recordless

What is one piece of advice you received as a Ph.D. student that has stayed with you throughout your studies thus far?
Because of the individualized nature of a Ph.D., there’s no point in comparing yourself to others’ past experiences or achievements. There are many paths to a Ph.D., so your application & background may look very different from someone else’s.

How has your experience in the Ph.D. Academy help you as a first-year Dornsife Ph.D. student? In what ways did the Ph.D. Academy impact or help your scholarship or research?
Since a lot of our time is spent doing our own research, the Ph.D. Academy is a nice way to interact with other students outside of the lab. It’s great to get updates on other students’ research and a needed reminder that we have a strong cohort to rely on.

First-Year students at the November 17. 2021 Ph.D. Academy event on Handling the Stresses of Graduate School