MicroMax-007 and R-AXIS IV++

The NanoBiophysics Core Facility houses a state-of-the-art X-ray diffraction system consisting of two Rigaku R-AXIS IV++ image plate detector systems and MicroMax 007 generator equipped with an X-treme crystal cryocooler.



The MicroMax™ 007 is the most widely used home lab X-ray source for protein crystallography. The original MicroMax™ 007 introduced the world to the concept of a sub-100 micron focal spot size along the increased brilliance that can be more effectively used to illuminate small crystals.



  • Smallest focal spot size available on a rotating anode generator (70 μm diameter circle)
  • 1.2 kW power in a small beam provides greater flux density and less background for small samples
  • Unique pre-aligned and pre-crystallized filament cartridges minimize maintenance
  • Anode head can easily be moved and positioned for optimal experimental configuration
  • Two ports for optimal use of instrument investment
  • Extended anode and filament lifetimes




The R-AXIS IV++ is arguably the most productive X-ray area detector in the history of macromolecular crystallography. In production for well over a decade and continuously improved during that time period, the success of the R-AXIS IV++ is a testament to the suitability of imaging plate technology for measuring the diffraction patterns from protein crystals.


  • Dual imaging plates provide simultaneous expose and read operations.
  • Large dynamic range achieved with dual photomultiplier design.
  • Highest sensitivity, using eight-fold pixel sampling.
  • Lowest noise, less than 0.5 X-ray photon.
  • Helical scan providing accurate data readout with no conversions or geometry corrections.
  • No detector calibration required.