The NanoBiophysics Core Facility does not provide consumables and supplies for the instruments, such as HPLC columns for Multiangle Light Scattering System, cuvettes for the Spectrofluorometer, cuvettes for the CD Spectrometer, chips and reagents for Biacore T100, and probes for AFM. Occasionally, we may have some of the above for additional fee.

We strongly encourage users to have their own copies of manuals, tutorials and other pertinent literature. Core Facility will help in obtaining them as free downloads when available.

After the first usage of an instrument, the Core will facilitate obtaining downloadable software for analysis and representation of the data.

Instrumentation Reservation

To reserve click here. (For the well-trained user only)

To reserve Biacore T100, MALS, ICON AFM please email Dr. Li directly.