The Math Finance Association was organized in Fall 2006 to provide the students a forum to share information and build relationships.  After an initial informational meeting, several students volunteered to take on the task of forming this organization and obtaining USC’s recognition.

Mission Statement

The MFA is a graduate student organization determined to enrich students’ academic and social experiences and to bring them closer to their career objectives through networking, efficient communication of information and holding social and professional events in various areas of Finance. In this process, we hope to bridge the gap between the program, students and outside world while representing our community in the best way possible outside USC.


November 17, 2023: members of MFA had a social event for an early celebration of the Thanksgiving holiday. They shared things they are thankful for this year:

Ying Xie:

I am thankful for my parents. Your selfless dedication and support have made it possible for me to pursue my studies in the United States. Your love and encouragement are my greatest motivators.

Zewei Lian:

I am deeply thankful for my friends who make me feel warm and belong in a foreign land. Your friendship is very precious to me.

Bocheng Zhou:

I am grateful to my mentor, whose guidance has helped me not only academically but also in my future development. Their wisdom and experience are a treasure trove of learning for me.

Kairui Fang (Kent):

I am thankful to myself for constantly striving and overcoming challenges for my dreams and goals. I am proud of my perseverance and growth.

Xinyi Li:

I am thankful to the difficulty I overcome. I have realized that I am stronger than I expected. I thank each struggle for teaching me the power of perseverance and for revealing my own capacity for adaptability and resilience. It has shown me that within my core lies an unshakeable force, ready to rise to any occasion and turn adversity into triumph.

Yutong Zhao:

I am thankful for the opportunity to study in the United States. The challenges and achievements during this period are precious experiences in my life.