Argentina Maymester (SPAN 499)



Program Information

This course explores the role immigration and the issue of identity have played in shaping several aspects of modern Argentinean society such as social inequality, job opportunities, workplace culture and work regulations. Students will be exposed to readings and case studies that discuss the immigration processes of different groups that arrived in Argentina throughout its history, in many cases preserving their culture and traditions. This course also analyzes the issue of Argentinean identity through the lens of work and workplace culture and regulations. Moreover, students in this course will tackle the following questions through key readings, presentations and group discussions: What triggered immigration into Argentina and which were the main communities of new comers? Did the Argentine government favor this immigration process? How are identities and social structures intertwined with job opportunities and work status? How are work and workplace cultures in Argentina similar or different from those in the United States?

Contact Information

Faculty Director: Martin Ocon-Gamarra


Department Administrator: Tricia Garcia