• When is the deadline for the M.A. program?

    The deadline for fall is April 1st and the deadline for spring is November 1st.

  • When is the deadline for the PhD program?

    The deadline to apply to the PhD program is December 1st

  • Is the TOEFL necessary?

    If you are an international student who did not receive a bachelor’s degree from an English speaking school then you must submit the TOEFL.

  • If I have a master’s degree from a U.S. school do I need to submit a TOEFL score?

    Yes. The only thing that exempts you from having to take the TOEFL is if you have an undergraduate degree from an English speaking school.

  • Where should I send my application materials?

    Please upload all of your materials onto the USC online application system. The only materials you need to send to USC are your transcripts, GRE and TOEFL reports. They can be sent directly to graduate admissions, not to the department.

  • Does your program accept the GMAT?

    No, we only accept the GRE.

  • What is the average score on the GRE for graduate applicants?

    We like to see scores of at least 450 on the verbal and 650 on the quantitative sections. However, most applicants have much higher scores and our applicants typically have quantitative scores in the 700 - 800 range.

  • When will I be notified of a decisions?

    MA spring applications are reviewed at the beginning of November and decisions are sent out mid-end November. MA fall applications are reviewed throughout the period of January – April and decisions are sent out during that time. PhD applications are reviewed in December and January and a first round of decisions are sent out typically at the end of February or beginning of March.

  • Do you accept PhD admission for the spring?


  • Can I apply to the PhD program by December 1 but send in my GRE/and or letters of recommendation after the deadline?

    Yes, but your application will not be sent to the committee for review until all of your materials are received.

  • Do I have to apply separately in order to be considered for Fellowships?

    No, you will automatically be considered for fellowships.

  • Can I upload my transcripts through the online application system?

    Yes you can. However, you also have to send transcripts directly to graduate admissions as well. Please do not send transcripts as pictures or as jpegs.

  • Is there any departmental aid for masters students?

    No, we only support PhD students.

  • What is your ETS code?

    The school code is 4852 and the department code is 1801.