USC Women in Mathematics Group

Charlotte’s Web is a group for women and non-binary people interested in mathematics at USC. Every semester we have research lunches, invited speakers and social activities.

Please e-mail to be added to our contact list.

The purpose of the group is to enhance mentoring and networking possibilities for women and non-binary people at USC who are interested in mathematics and thereby increase the likelihood of these people staying in the field. We also wish to raise awareness of the contributions of women to mathematics and ensure that those who are interested in mathematics have a sense that they belong in the mathematical community, have role models in the community, and have an understanding of the variety of ways in which they can contribute to the community. We are affiliated with the Association for Women in Mathematics (AWM) as a student chapter. This gives free membership to students and offers visibility as well as networking opportunities.

The Charlotte’s Web club provides mentorship, networking and support to women and non-binary people in the field of mathematics