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Fall 2019 Fellow

Over the past 30 years, Ann Klenk has produced history in the nation’s most prestigious newsrooms, with her most notable role marked by her 17-year career with MSNBC. Most recently, “Hardball with Chris Matthews,” where she was the Senior Producer and Co-Executive Producer, making her the only woman Executive Producer in Primetime and the only Primetime EP in Washington.

In that role, she was charged with managing Washington staff and talent, editorial content and programming, and network management. She was privileged to work with legendary political journalists Tim Russert, Helen Thomas and John McLaughlin. Additionally, Ann produced news programming with the new generation of reporters and anchors including Chuck Todd, Joy Ann Reid and Steve Kornacki. While at MSNBC she was also the Washington Executive producer of several town halls, state of the union addresses and breaking news reports.

Prior to her time with MSNBC she served as an Executive Producer with the National Journal Group from 1999 to 2001 where she was responsible for creating and developing branded programming for The Hotline, National Journal, and The Atlantic, establishing longstanding partnerships with MSNBC, C-Span and PBS.

Klenk has also served as Executive Producer of “The Mary Matalin Show” from 1995 to 1998 where she was responsible for program development, production and management of a the daily nationally syndicated three-hour radio talk show.

Fall 2019 Semester Recap

Group Photo of CPF Fellow Ann Klenk's Fall 2019 Study Group
Group Photo of CPF Fellow Ann Klenk’s Fall 2019 Study Group

See what Fall 2019 Fellow Ann Klenk said about her experience at USC’s Center for the Political Future in this video highlight.