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Group Photo of USC students at CPF's 2023 Cerrell Political Leadership Summit

Cerrell Political Leadership Summit

The annual spring Cerrell Political Leadership Summit, institutionalized by Joseph R. Cerrell, is hosted by the Unruh Institute each year in Sacramento. It provides USC students the opportunity to meet the executive and legislative leaders who shape the laws and policies of the state.

Group Photo of students attending CPF's 2023 Young Women's Leadership Conference

Young Women’s Leadership Conference

The Young Women’s Leadership Conference is designed for high school girls in California who have leadership potential and an interest in politics and civic engagement. Young women will meet with and learn from women elected officials and professionals and learn valuable communication and relationship-building skills.

Group photo of USC students in CPF's Inside Iowa Project

Inside Iowa Project

The Inside Iowa Project began with a series of workshops to educate selected students on Iowa’s unique significance in presidential races. Students then traveled to Iowa to pursue an internship with a political campaign or political party of their choosing. The year-long program culminated with a trip to Des Moines, Iowa allowing students the opportunity to observe the Iowa caucus process first-hand.