CPF Student Scholars Program Highlight
CPF Student Scholars Program Highlight

The Center for the Political Future launched the Student Scholars Program in Fall 2023. Students can participate in CPF activities to earn access to career advancement resources, receptions with VIPs, honor cords, scholarships, and more.

To sign up, stop by SOS B15, submit event proof to the Event Selfie Form, or email koerting@usc.edu.

Questions? Email cpf@usc.edu or visit us in SOS B15.


Click Here for Tier Participation Requirements


CPF Scholar – Tier 1

  • Membership to CPF’s private LinkedIn jobs page for priority access to internships, networking, and job opportunities
  • Priority enrollment for Fellows study groups, Cerrell, POSC 395, and other opportunities
  • Eligibility for referrals and letters of recommendation from CPF


CPF Honor Cord Scholar Tier 2

  • Earn an honor cord at graduation to signify record of success at CPF and commitment to advancing civil dialogue and bridging divides
  • Get invited to a fun, private reception with VIPs
  • Receive all the perks from the Center Scholar category


CPF Civic Leader Scholarship – Tier 3

  • Earn a scholarship from CPF
  • Get featured on the CPF website
  • Get invited to a private CPF scholarship reception
  • Receive all the perks from the Center Scholar and Distinction Honor Cord categories

CPF Student Scholars Program FAQs

    • You’ll need an enrollment form with your name and contact information on it. Student Scholars Program Enrollment Form
    • At every CPF activity you attend or complete, you’ll need to get your form signed and stamped to verify completion. CPF will keep all the enrollment forms in our office, and we’ll bring them to events. You don’t need to keep the piece of paper. You do need to check in at events and make sure we update your form with your latest activity.
    • Only full-time CPF staff members can sign off on completed requirements.
    • The only CPF staff member who can sign off on the completion of a scholar tier is the Executive Director, Kamy Akhavan.
    • All signatures must include the official CPF stamp and date to be considered completed.
  • No. We encourage USC students from all schools, majors, and fields of study to join.

  • No. You can only get credit for a CPF event if you attend in person and submit a selfie via this online form or email it to koerting@usc.edu.

    • Any in-person events listed on the CPF website are eligible for a signature.
    • The expectation is that you attend the entire event.
  • No. To ensure fairness, you must submit a selfie via this online form or email it to koerting@usc.edu.

    • Many verifiably completed activities and classes can be added from the 2022-2023 school year, subject to review by Kayla Koerting. These are determined on a case-by-case basis.
    • No events or fellows study groups will be allowed from years prior to the 2023-2024 academic year.
  • Yes, in-person CPF events that would normally accrue student scholar credit can count for both class credit and student scholar credit.

  • An unexcused absence is a no-email no-show absence. If you email the Fellows Manager ahead of time, it will be considered excused.

  • Yes, you can still receive credit for participating in qualifying events that you are required to attend.

  • Please direct all questions about the Student Scholars Program to cpf@usc.edu.