A New Landscape of Possibilities

For over 25 years, USC students have been team-teaching global issues in local high schools, grades 9—12,
through the Teaching International Relations Program—TIRP.

The CALIS Expansion Initiative extends the TIRP service-learning model to grades 5—8.

Create Power

Unleash new thinking with analytical tools.

Every student learns more effectively with concepts in context.
→ Frameworks provide structure for depth and scope yet are flexible for divergent responses.

USC teams are supported in pivotal roles to prompt, guide and deepen students’ thinking.


Build Agency

Uncover past-present-personal connections.

Student engagement thrives with purposeful, relevant learning.
→ Tools unpack multiple perspectives and ethical dilemmas to inform personal and policy choices in an increasingly globalized world.

USC teams select database materials and design a cohesive and interactive series of class sessions.

Reach Potential

Build literacy through critical thinking.

Students need social science tools to develop language arts skills.
→ Analytical tools help all students think more clearly and deeply so they can read/listen more productively, speak/write more confidently… and respond to complexity more effectively.

USC teams are tasked with teaching tools for lifelong skills.