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Each semester, about 100 USC students team-teach in local high school classrooms through TIRP. Volunteers take the opportunity to “learn best by teaching” and become part of honored Trojan traditions: public service, community engagement and socially relevant scholarship.

TIRPers Talk Back! 
Listen. Join. Share the passion...

Join TIRP!  It's the trifecta of useful, meaningful and fun!

Create a new balance of PowerCalling all Trojans!

Globalization, ethics, and climate change are strategic topics among USC academic initiatives... Ask your professors if they are willing to support a service-learning credit option in their courses.

TIRP volunteers are supported with lessons and planning.

Teaching skills and outreach experience are proven to be highly strategic advantages for…

  •     internship applications
  •     scholarship awards
  •     employment interviews

In the USC tradition of leadership & innovation...

CALIS and TIRP earned national recognition

from the
Goldman Sachs Foundation Prizes for Excellence in International Education
for effective design and use of analytical tools
in a program run by students for students



USC Student Outreach

New TIRP volunteers must attend one of the mandatory training sessions:

Dates & Times for Spring 2023
 Jan 31 -- Tues, 6:30 - 8:00 pm
 Feb 1 -- Wed, 7:00 - 8:30 pm
Training location: THH 212


ExL at Experience!

See our featured volunteer
in the ExL newsletter
from the Dornsife Office of Experiential and Applied Learning

Annually, about 200 USC students are placed in local high school classrooms to teach TIRP topics.

The continuous use of materials and strategies in local outreach is leveraged to pilot new approaches and hone teaching materials made available as a global resource... Thus our motto:

Teach locally...
Reach globally!

Since 2000, over 150 teachers
across 75 local high schools
have partnered with TIRP volunteers,
inviting over 4,000 USC volunteers
to teach and mentor
over 35,000 high school students