Teaching International Relations Program – TIRP

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…Make a Difference!

Through TIRP, about 100 USC students team-teach in local high school classrooms each semester.

Volunteers take the opportunity to learn best by teaching and become part of honored Trojan traditions: public service, community engagement and socially relevant scholarship.

TIRPers Talk Back!
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Calling all Trojans!

New TIRP volunteers must attend one of the mandatory training sessions:

Fall 2023  (two options)

Sept 12 — Tues, 6:30 – 8:00 pm │ THH 212
Sept 13 — Wed, 7:00 – 8:30 pm │ DMC 152

▪  Ask your professors if they will support a service-learning credit option in their courses.

TIRP volunteers are supported with lessons and planning.

Teaching skills and outreach experience are proven to be highly strategic advantages for…

  •     internship applications
  •     scholarship awards
  •     employment interviews
CALIS is hiring!
Join TIRP to be eligible for job opportunities with CALIS!

For more information, contact: tirp@usc.edu

Learn best by teaching.

Professor Steven Lamy

TIRP topics are part of
USC academic and
strategic initiatives